Lexical-semantic Features of English Capitonyms


  • Manana Shelia Sokhumi State University




English language, homonymy, homonymous, classification of homonyms, capitonyms, linguistic terms, lexical meaning


Each word exhibits different forms, nature, elements and meanings and have specific features. Modern English is characterized by a significant nu­mber of homonyms, compared to other languages. Homonymy in English appe­a­red as a result of the mixing of languages. The main reasons for homonymy in the language are  loan words from other languages. The problem of homonymy is widely developed. For years many linguists have been studied the phenomenon of homonyms and attempted to classify English ho­mo­nymous words. There are several classifications of homonyms made by famous linguists such as Arakin, Arnold, Lyons, Skeet and others attempted to define homonymy and classify ho­monyms in English language. Homonyms of the English language have different grammatical forms, and may also have the same sound or spelling. The present paper touches upon the phenomenon of English homonyms and their classification considered by A. Smirnitsky.  It mainly considers the problem of capitonyms in Modern English. The paper may be interesting to students who are interested in learning English and    in general will help everyone better understand the homonymy, pa­r­ticularly capitonyms of the English language. They are a subset of homonyms - words with the same spelling but different meanings.


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