Aspects of Davit Maghradze's linguistic awareness


  • Tamila Zviadadze Sokhumi State University



Dato Maghradze, consciousness, native language, world, artistic, national, worldview


The language is full of indefinite possibilities of expression. The actua­lization of these possibilities is based on the talent of the Creator. Davit Maghradze is a creator distinguished by his ability to understand the native language world. The artistic-aesthetic or linguistic position of the poet is clearly evident in his poetic creations. Dato Maghradze linguistic style considers adequate use of language resources based on different parameters - At both the phonetic and lexical levels, resulting in specific combinations with contextual function and load;

This article discusses the important aspects of linguistic awareness of Davit Maghradze's poem "Abundant Land", the facial components of the style: 1. Issues of poetic phonetics: artistic effect achieved by alliteration of consonants, based on the original use of the phonetic abilities of the Georgian language, harmonious harmonization of the meaning and sound of the word in the words presented as concepts, Revealing metaphorical meanings with phonologically sound lexical units; The amazing harmony of music and speech is a personal component of Dato Maghradze's poetry; 2. Incorporating words or expressions with foreign letters in a poem is a kind of linguistic strategy; 3. Sarcasm, irony - achieved by clichés, nuanced changes in the structural models of famous phrases or humorous rejection of proverbs, by replacing them with witty words, when so-called anti-expressions are created, the stylistic purpose of which is obvious; 4. A linguistic phenomenon of the word game, which is mostly carried out indirectly and creates a kind of implicit effect in the form of hints or allusions; 5. A rich vocabulary is used in the poem to highlight components, which also serves to create artistic or national look and reflects the tendencies of modern poetry.

     The most important feature of Dato Maghradze's poetry is that all stories are based on one main idea, thought. The poet's worldview is manifested in the form of certain artistic means. The thoughts transformed into words go beyond the lexical meaning and become a metaphor, Metaphorical thinking indicates in-depth knowledge of language and intuitive ability


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