For scientific integrity


  • Edisher Phutkaradze Sokhumi State University



science, thesis, education, intelligence, news, source, knowledge, integrity, plagiarism


No matter how many and interesting sources we use during cre-ation of a work, it still cannot be attractive in the eyes of an intelligent reader. Educated, intelligent reader is looking for authorial innovation, even on minimum importance. If the work does not offer even a little „innovation“ for the development of the field, then it will not add anything and will be useless. Gain knowledge by working on relevant literature or other way is important because we should know what is happening in other fields. This is necessary as well for knowing that when we are creating some innovations may be there is already created the same by someone. Because re-creation of already created work will not develop the field.  This level already existed and if we found something so that plagiarism did not take place, it indicates our intellectual ability and honesty, but not the contribution to the development of the field as it has already been created by someone else before us. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce scientific innovations, even for creating new innovations in order to develop science. Introduction of scientific innovations should be means and not aim itself.  The means to create new work and not to point already created one on our behalf.