The role and importance of motivation sphere in medicine


  • Lia Svanidze Sokhumi State University



motivation, medicine, healthcare, field, psychological, physiological, process


In order to study the healthcare sphere a reform had to be carried out in the beginning of our century, which was not transformed into scientific work due to objective reasons (change of formation, start of privatization). However, very important problems were set out, and the work author decided to put them into effect.On the basis of in-depth analysis and study of big volume of important issues, Lia Svanidze represented the work “The role and importance of motivation sphere in medicine”, which deals with “motivation” – the psychological phenomenon that can provide the mankind salvage from the expected catastrophe that poped up this century. She created her own area in the form of “motivation sphere”, which has unprecedented power and fabulous opportunities.“Motivation” is the word of French, English and Latin origin and means “to put in motion”. It is a notion of multiple meanings. In the psychology, it represents the dynamic process with physiological and psychological aspects, which manages human behavior, determines its direction, orderliness, activity and state. It is the unity of internal and external conditions causing the activity of subject; a conscious reason being the foundation of the person’s action, behavior, act, conduct.Functional motive is such vitalization of conduct, activity, and desires, during which not only the result to be achieved, but even the activity process brings emotional satisfaction.  It has taken the research and study of numerous factors and many oppor­tu­nities to the effect that the author – Lia Svanidze had considered “motivation” as the savior of the medicine sphere, and to understand what a role it will act in case of well-implemented reform in medicine (see the work). The medical personnel of any rank and Georgian population has to be systematically well-informed about carrying-out of healthcare reform at highest level and its course, as well as about results of implementation of its separate stages. This will promote strengthening of motivation sphere of medical personnel activity. Author has a desire to represent briefly and illustratively the essence of the reform in this abstract and she hopes that its implementation in Georgia will not be hindered.  


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